Saturday, February 20, 2010

Auckland Photowalk with Trey Radcliff

Friday evening downtown Auckland and after a busy day Trey Radcliff (that's him to the left), along with wife and children, met a group of photo' enthusiasts outside the Ferry building for a photowalk around the Viaduct Basin.

Vivian did a wonderful job organising the event and I think everyone came away feeling expectations had been well and truely exceeded.

Many people managed to take shots and there's a flickr group where you can view their efforts.  Have a squiz; there's some pretty good shots by some talented photographers.

After the photowalk a number of people met north of Auckland to hear Trey explain in more detail his technique and display a number of his images.  Everyone had a good time.

Here's a shot from the Viaduct Basin ... a place I've visited on numerous occasions, but never noticed the colours in the footpath nor the textures in the walls.  This is a single image HDR shot.  Original image was taken RAW, then Photomatix Pro "dealt" to it.  A few little tweaks with the options in Photomatix and Lightroom led to the image you see.  With a wider focal length I think the image would be rather more dramatic.

On the way home I stopped off to take a few shots of Auckland's city lights across the Waitamata Harbour.  Wonderful end to a great day.


  1. Surreal! Lovely colours, quite pastely, soft light. Very nice, Chris.

  2. I also like the colours and they look particularly stylish on the black background.