Monday, February 15, 2010


Wow, it seems to be ages since I posted anything on here!  It's been pretty busy at work and difficult to think of anything other than tasks to complete and deadlines.  Thankfully a number of projects are now coming to a close which means there's a chance to come up for air!

Nevertheless, it's been interesting.  Over the Christmas break I felt quite inspired to take photographs.  I seemed to see photographic opportunities it almost everything and had the enthusiasm to have a go.  More recently, however, with the pressure of work, the camera has stayed zipped up in its bag and even when I've tried to use it, it never felt right.  I've always liked the feel of the camera in my hands but of late the synergy was just not there ... more worrying was the lack of inspiration to take a shot.

I visited a photo studio with some friends one Friday afternoon and took a few shots, but I was tired and really not very inspired at all.  Some shots seem OK, but this was more by good luck than good management.  Since then nothing until this weekend when there was a firework show to celebrate the Chinese New Year.  Again, I didn't feel particularly inspired, but I did feel better than in the photo studio.

So, hopefully, things should improve soon.  This Friday, 19/2/10, there's a photowalk with Trey Radcliff starting at the Ferry Building in downtown Auckland at 6pm.  More details of Trey's trip to NZ here.   Hopefully I'll be more inspired by then!  The event, by the way, is open to anyone who fancies coming along.  There's also a chance to listen to Trey speak a little later in the evening if you get yourself up to Albany.

I'll add a few more firework shots to this post ... let me know what you think ;-)

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