Friday, December 18, 2009

Your own backyard

I was talking with a friend recently about photographs.  We both enjoy using our camera to capture images, but we thought that a lot of the pleasure was in finding the picture in the first place.  This didn't involve driving for miles or international travel, it just required time to look.  Take the time to look; don't glance at things, but examine and carefully observe the scene and objects.  You have the opportunity to re-visit local places quite regularly and take advantage of a variety of lighting conditions that a casual visitor will miss.  The image above, for example, was taken whilst on a walk from my home.  I'm not claiming it's an award winning shot, but it's pleasant and one that'd be easily overlooked as it's so close to home.  It's also one you'd consider taking if the scene was close to your hotel as you'd have your camera in your hand.  Here's a few more images from places I'd call local.
So, with this in mind I thought I'd venture into Auckland City with camera in hand and try to view (and photograph of course) things differently.  I'll keep posting my efforts and, as always, you can comment on my efforts and ideas.  Perhaps even make suggestions of places I should visit?

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