Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sunlit grass seedhead

Sunlit grass seedhead, originally uploaded by nzcjs.
I've seen this hill/hillock near some sports fields that has a trig point atop. Each time I've visited the sports fields I've wondered what type of view you'd get from the top. Never having had sufficient time to climb the hill before it was time to leave the sports fields the mystery has remained ... until last night.

With spare time I managed to climb the hill and enjoy quite lovely views out to Rangitoto Island and One Tree Hill. Also, on this particular night the sun was setting and giving a lovely orange glow. There were clumps of grasses atop the hill, so by lying down amongst the grasses I could see some grass heads beautifully backlit by the setting sun. That's what I tried to capture in the image you see here. 200mm lens, ISO 200, 1/400s and f8.

Check out the flickr links above and let me know if you prefer on white ... or black.

Remember I mentioned views of One Tree Hill. There's also a shot of that here.

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