Friday, December 11, 2009


Wenderholm, originally uploaded by nzcjs.
North of Auckland is a lovely place called Wenderholm. Earlier this year we were fortunate to enjoy some lovely weather as we visited the park. There's bush walks, beach walks and estuary walks. Depending on the time of year it can be pleasantly peaceful or boisterously busy. When we went it was peaceful.

The camera was new, and I took many shots , a few of which I've saved here. Looking back at the images I couldn't help feeling with a bit of a tweak some of my less favourite shots could be improved with a bit of hdr. This particular shot started off like this.
I think you'll agree has detail lacking in the clouds. Surprising to me was that detail had not been lost in what appear to be blown out highlights. Perhaps that's the advantage of shooting RAW? You may also notice extra detail and texture in the sand (or mud).
So, this shot lives another day. Perhaps it will end up in the bin shortly, but for now I'm intrigued by the detail hidden in those clouds in the original image.

Comments anyone?

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