Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Otahuhu Sunset

Otahuhu, originally uploaded by nzcjs.

Regular trips along the Southern Motorway heading north have presented lovely views over the estuary to the west. The clouds have been wonderful, but never have I had a chance to stop and take a photo. Monday night I had a chance. Not much time, and truth be told I made a complete hash of taking the shot! 50mm lens, and everything set manual. I was really looking for a multi-shot HDR image, but failed dismally on that score. The image you see is a single shot image (the best of the five). I noticed flare more prominent on some of the brighter images, so settled for a single shot picture. The colours aren't fake ... this is just as it was.

The dark area is probably best left as it is as it disguises the houses, roads and traffic signs! The water, I think, looks lovely. What do you think?

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