Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mass Observaion Project

It was some time ago - 2004 I think - that Simon Garfield published his book, "Our Hidden Lives" that presents extracts from the journals of five ordinary people living in England between 1945 and 1948. I've only just discovered the book and it's a gem. I find myself wishing I could meet with the diarists and get to know them better. I'm fascinated also how insightful they can be and also how concerned they are with society at the time. The book is well worth a read.

Summer time is here in NZ, but not all parking meters think so! This means you can pay for 1 hour's parking to get an already expired ticket. The expired ticket permits the local tow company to remove your car. Must be oen of the easiest ways to earn a dollar I've come across yet! Set the ticket dispensing machine to the wrong time and lie in wait with a tow truck.

Visited local Buddhist Temple and weas impressed with the peaceful serenity I enjoyed there. I suspect I'll go back again when I'm feeling stressed or harassed ;-) I've put a few pictures on my flickr photostream. Have a squiz and let me know what you think:-)

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