Saturday, August 15, 2009

As expected!

Well, it had to happen. Those lovely flowers on the michalea tree had to come down. The tree is very large, and is covered in flowers the size of a stretched hand. The picture to the left shows some of the petals on the ground. Last weekend the ground was clear, but some wind and rain has helped cover the lawn with wet, soggy, white petals. Frustrating thing is that there's more flowers still to come down than there is already on the ground!

The weather is definitelty changing. The cherry trees are in bloom on the driveway and we have the usual tui's visiting for the nectar. I managed a quick shot of one today, but the light was fading so it's not the best, but it should give you an idea of the bird and the colour of the cherry tree blossom. We have other cherry trees on the west of the house, but these are mi=uch lighter in colour and are no where near as advanced with their blooms.

Work has continued today with the bedroom renovations. The old gib is off the walls, one interior wall has been modified to remove an interior window and the insulation has been added. New gib will be added soon and then we'll be on with the painting!

I couldn't help but notice some workings on some of the internal framing. Measurements in feet and inches! Much more difficult to do the calculations, yet, in many ways, the workmanship and finished results seemed so much better. I also noticed some unpleasant things in the framing. There's obviously been some ants living in our home as well as us. It also looks like there was a lot of them!! No ants there now, and the gaps are filled with insulation which, with the doubke glazing has made a huge difference to the quietness of the room. Progress is defintiely being made. Roll on the next step ;-)

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