Saturday, August 8, 2009

On Campus

Photographs of the campus are required for the new Institute prospectus, so Friday afternoon saw a few of us armed with cameras out and about on one of the campuses taking shots. I found the exercise quite difficult as my mind was on some dificulties we'd experienced the previous day with some networking equipment. Nevertheless, I continued to walk around the campus which, when you take time to look at it carefully is very pleasant indeed. I think this was the trick really. Walk around the campus to see what was there first of all without being trigger happy and snapping away at anything and everything and then hoping for the best. The light was lovely, a bit harsh in some areas, but it really set off the colours of the buildings a treat- well I thought so anyway! The idea was to accentuate or emphasise aspects of the architecture on campus. So where to start? Of what should we take pictures?

The first image in this post shows the oldest building on campus, and perhaps the most photogenic and pleasing to the eye. However, this building isn't used by the students. It acts as the office block for the Institute's executive team. For the prospectus it would be better to get some images of the building, or features of buildings with which the students were likely to come into contact. This I found very difficult.

Should I concentrate on shape, and if I did, should I be looking for detail, or overall impression? The windows to the left on a slight curve and decreasing in size looked like it had potential, but is it pleasing to the eye? Is it sufficiently engaging or interesting?

All up I suppose it was about an hour walking around the campus and taking shots. All it's done is given me a desire to walk around the campus again, but at different times of the day. Anyway, if you'd like to see some more images from the walk, then please have a squiz here. Comments are welcome :-)

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