Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sinking Feeling

Can't say I've felt the best today. Woke with a headache and have felt pretty rough most of the day. Decided to take a walk at Martaetai where we saw a few youngsters learning how to sail. I have a feeling that today's lesson was how to bail out your boat!

Finding it more than slightly entertaining trying to decide who would sink first we opted for some ice-cream and a seat from which to watch the action. Seagulls on the top of the shops were seriously cute ... and the sky? Glorious deep blue with little in the way of clouds. Wonderful day weather wise. Back to the action and thankfully nobody was injured, and nobody sank. Obviously the bailing lessons were worthwhile, understood by all and had been taken to heart :-)

After the ice-creams were finished we headed down the beach for a bit of a walk. Maraetai is really quite pretty and today, with such pleasant weather, it was quite lovely. After the beach walk we headed back home to spend some time in the garden.

The gazanias gave the impression of enjoying the warmth of the sun as miuch as we were. I'm always impressed by these little flowers; so full of colour. Check out my flickr pages for more images taken this afternoon of the various blooms just outside the rumpus room.

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