Saturday, October 24, 2009

Deathly quiet

Glorious day today weather wise, and made even better by going out on the mountain bikes. On our trip we cycled alongside a cemetry. The cemetry was interesting for several reasons; the peacefulness of the place; the decay and brokenness of many of the headstones and plots; the size of the place; the vast number of old and young laid to rest there. Sadly, judging by the state of the plots many of these people have been forgotten by their familes; their memorial only exists thanks to the local council who maintains the facility. It was quite sad. Clearly much care had gone into the selection of the memorial. Furthermore I could imagine a significant amount of money had been spent on many of the headstones and carvings. These people had meant a lot to somebody and been a vital part of many people's lives. Now they are forgotten and in many cases their names have been eroded from their memorials.

It makes you think doesn't it. For what will you be remembered? Who will remember you, and for how long. What will be your legacy?

I suppose it was as a result of reading "Our Hidden Lives" by Simon Garfield and how well I felt I'd got to know the authors of the diaries published in the book. These people would probably have tombstones somewhere in England. The tomebstone would give no indication as to the type of person buried there, yet the journals give a fascinating insight into the lives, anxieties, thoughts and hopes of the various individuals. Perhaps a diary isn't such a bad idea after all? Certainly something your descendants may find of greater value than a decaying tombstone.

Just a thought :-)

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