Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Puhinui Reserve

Puhinui Reserve
I'd had a meeting at the airport and on the way home decided to pop into Puhinui Reserve.  This has long been the place for horse trials so there's some wide open spaces as well as a few copses and a very nice lake close by the entrance to the park.  It was this lake that I wanted to see again.  You may remember a post from back in 2009 where I shot the same scene onto which I superimposed my mother's favourite poem?   The weather was quite different then and the trees were a lovely autumnal colour.  Being as we've had hardly any rain I was curious to view the scene again.

I must admit to finding the light on the trees somewhat awkward due to deep shadows, and the scene just didn't have the same appeal as it did under autumnal conditions.  I tried a portrait shot (see left) and a couple of landscape shots ... I even tried a conversion to monochrome ... as well as a few different crops.  Was I happy with the results?  Well, not really :-(  Perhaps let me know what you think and how today's shot compares with the one from 2009.  I'd be especially intrigued to hear what you think of the black and white image.
Landscape view of the lake in glorious colour ;-)
Landscape view of the lake in monochrome ;-)
I suppose the final version.  2:1 crop and tweaked in Color Efex.

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