Thursday, March 14, 2013

An avenue ...

 ... a road having having trees at regular intervals along its sides.  I think they're lovely.  Wonderful dappled light and often quite cool.  There's a lovely avenue of oak trees in Cornwall Park, but of special interest is the plaque at the start of the avenue.
Commemorative plaque in Cornwall Park, Auckland.
It's entitled "The Trees" and it is inscribed thus,

They who plant an avenue of trees cannot in the nature of things hope to enjoy them in their maturity and grandeur.  They plant for generations unborn.  Much that we have and prize today comes to us from our fathers.  they did not make or build to last their time but rather that something worthy should mark their passage and be their memorial.

Makes you think a little doesn't it?  In this world in which we live I seem to be finding fewer people with the attitudes of the avenue designers and planters of old.  No real thought for tomorrow,  just the here and now and most things are disposable rather than maintainable and repairable.  Somewhat sad really ... or is this just progress?

Besides lovely trees and views there's also Acacia Cottage which has the distinction of being Auckland's oldest timber building.  Quite a bit to see and enjoy at Cornwall Park really!

One of the many fine specimen trees in Cornwall Park.
Acacia Cottage in Cornwall Park.
Looking towards Auckland City's Skytower from Cornwall Park.

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