Friday, March 8, 2013

Ponsonby and Grand Central again.

Alan Brown on keys last night.
Every other Thursday night at the Grand Central in Ponsonby there's a chance to hear some very talented musicians.  It's the Alan Brown Project with vocals by Cherie Mathieson.  Last night was really rather good fun and I think each member of the band was having a great time.

Light levels were quite low ... as is usually the case at the Grand Central ... so I set the camera to ISO5000 and the lens wide open at f1.4.  Focus wasn't the easiest, and at such a high ISO the shots are a little noisy, but perhaps that adds to the atmosphere?

The light was red ... oh I hate red lights at these venues!!  It really doesn't help me with colour shots at all, so quite a few of the shots I've converted to black and white.  I'll just post a few images of the band members in this post.  Maybe let me know what you think.  Perhaps let me know if you prefer colour or monochrome?
A monochrome treatment of Andy Smith 
Here's Andy having fun in colour
Junior Turua lurking in the shadows under the stairs!  VERY low light!!
I told you the light was red!!  Here's the gorgeous Cherie Mathieson.
Jono Sawyer at the back in the rhythm section!

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