Sunday, August 26, 2012

Shooting birds!

Off to the Botanic Gardens here in Auckland armed with a tripod and a 70-200mm zoom lens hoping that I might see some tuis in the cherry blossom and be able to capture them with my camera. I can't say that I find these birds the easiest to capture.  They tend to flit about the tree quite quickly and usually end up with a branch or a flower in the way.

Anyway, I tried a few shots that I've posted for your amusement.  I think I'll go back again later this week and try and do a better job.

The yellow flower, by the way, is a kowhai tree.  One of NZ's native trees.  Kowhai is also the Maori word for yellow.

I hope you enjoy the photos ... perhaps let me know what you think?

Ah, this isn't a tui!  This is a Silver-eye :-)

1 comment:

  1. Hi,

    I am a NZ poet and am creating a short slideshow to go with this poem:

    slurp sweet sap
    feathers flash, blinding
    tumble giddy
    dusk-pink petals
    shower midday blue

    i like your picture very much and am wondering if I can use it for this purpose. I will attribute in whatever way you wish, and post on youtube as well :)

    Have a great day
    Hope to hear from you soon