Sunday, August 12, 2012

Angles ...

Chakana Cabernet Sauvignon cork.
It was a lovely bottle of wine.  A very pleasant Cabernet Sauvignon from the Argentine producer Chakana.  I must admit to be somewhat surprised to find a black "cork" in the bottle, but the shape of the cork and bottle opener rather appealed to me.  Diagonals and triangles again!!  The shape of the bottle opener has always appealed to me and the way it unfolds.

Anyway, I played with the opener and cork in my hands for a wee while, looked at the cork and noticed the writing and wondered how to get a shot.

Well, after playing with a few lights in the rumpus room I finally came up with the shot you see here.  I've got the angles and shapes I wanted and even managed to get the light onto the bits of interest.

Lighting was VERY simple.  A single softbox looking up to the ceiling and a gold reflector on a boom to bounce the light back at the corkscrew.  The corkscrew was suspended by cotton thread from the boom to get the shape we wanted and then we just fired the shutter.  Oh, and then we used Photoshop to get rid of the cotton threads from the shot.  All just for fun to see how things would work and a great little exercise for father and son.

So there you go.  Lots of fun with a bottle of wine and its cork.  I must say, if you get the chance to try the 2010 Chakana Cabernet Sauvignon it isn't too bad at all.

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