Saturday, August 18, 2012

Flash eh?

Lily on the driveway.
It's the curves in the leaves and flower that I like about these lilies.  Those lovely leaves with their veins and no straight lines anywhere.  How to get a shot with both the leaf and the bloom to emphasise the white of the flower and the lush green of the leaves when the sun has gone down?

The shot in this post was taken with a speedlight off camera mounted on a tripod so that the light from the flash would illuminate the leaves from underneath.  On camera flash was also used to give a bit of light to the flower itself.  Is it what I imagined?  Almost ... but it is dark now and there's lots of biting insects about so I thought I'd come indoors!  Also, I was finding the autofocus couldn't cope with the low light outside so this shot is manually focussed.

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