Monday, February 6, 2012

Waitangi Day at the Barry Curtis Regional Park

Just a few of the folks enjoying a wonderful performance by Ardijah.
Busy?  Haha!  Just a little!!!  Heaps of people at the Barry Curtis Park enjoying a glorious day with some of New Zealand's top musical talent putting on a free show.  A real family affair and I think everyone had a wonderful time.  Shame it's not Waitangi Day more often!

Sadly I didn't get there until later in the day.  The blackbirds and thrushes have discovered my blueberry bushes so I spent a good part of the morning setting up netting.  I didn't get to the park until close to 3pm when Ardijah came on stage.  These guys have talent.  Big favourites of the crowd too.  Betty Anne on lead vocals and ukelele is a star performer.  I'll add a couple of shots at the end of this post for you to look at.

Really looking forward to seeing and hearing Ardijah again in the very near future.
Betty Anne in fine voice at the Waitangi Day celebrations.
Betty Anne and just look at the crowd!
The band ... Ardijah.  (L-R: Ryan Monga, Betty-Anne Monga, Rico Tali, Karl Benton and Ryan Monga Jr.)

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