Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tribal Conexions

Hemi Pirihi on drums.
Tewhetu Pirihi on Bass Guitar .. and vocals.
Day one of the 2012 Manukau Institute of Techology Orientation saw Tribal Conexionz performing on stage.  A three piece Reggae Band and rather good too!

Seeing the three guys on stage I must admit to not having very high expectations of their performance.  First impressions were wrong.  These guys were really quite good!  The Rod Stewart song was a bit of a surprise to hear from a Reggae Band, but it was sweet.  The boys worked well together and produced some good Reggae sounds.  Sadly I couldn't stay too long, just long enough to get a few snaps of the boys on stage.

Good band, great atmosphere and lots of fun had by everyone who was there.  Quite looking forward to seeing them again and snapping a few more shots.

Tewhetu Pirihi at Manukau Institute of Technology's 2012 Student Orientation
Antony Pirihi on lead guitar and vocals.

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