Sunday, February 19, 2012

Changes afoot ...

Lone fisherman, late evening, Maraetai New Zealand.
After twenty years with my current employer the time has come for a change.  I have just less than two weeks before I leave work and consider doing things other than IT.

Am I concerned, anxious or worried in any way about the future?  Surprisingly not!  I must admit to being quite excited about the idea!  Really excited for what the future may hold.

One thing I'll do is have a rest.  A long rest I think.  Go and look at the beautiful scenery here in New Zealand and take my time to look, listen and chat to people (check this out).  Who knows ... I might even try my hand at fishing like the gent in the first image in this post!

I've often had the desire to spend more time outdoors, so that's one thing I'll be adding to my list.  I'll be taking more landscape shots ... something I've always really enjoyed but never had the time to develop.  I always seemed to be in a rush and just ended up taking snapshots rather than photographs.

The bands?  Can't resist the bands!  I've met so many lovely talented people working in the music industry here in NZ and am seriously keen to spend more time with them.  Performances are often late at night which has been awkward due to early starts at work ... but now I have a chance to spend more time with the bands.

So, please tag along with me on this blog as I update you with images from my travels, gigs and whatever else crops up.  I'm hoping to have a heap of fun with plenty left over to share with you.  Remember you can also find me on Google+ and Facebook.  

Depressed?  Not a bit of it!  The future looks sunny and bright ... just like the flower below :-)
Sunflower bloom

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