Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Titirangi Music Festival ... the last day :-(

Sadly the Music Festival has now ended, concluding with Carolina Moon and An Emerald City.  These two bands concluded what has been a wonderful weekend of music.  I don't think I found anyone disappointed with the events and have the impression most people were keen to come back for the 2012 Music Festival.  It's been a great event and congratulations are due to the event organisers.  Well done.

Carolina Moon and her ensemble performed music infused with sounds and textures from their personal journeys through rivers of inspired Indian time, flamenco Spain, Europe, the Americas, Australia, Aotearoa, and the folklore and legends of England.  Below are a few shots taken during Carolina's performance.  Red stage lights caused me a few problems ... I always seem to loose facial features with the red lights.  Converting to monochrome seems to provide a more pleasing image.  Anyway, take a squiz and let me know what you think.

The last band of the festival was An Emerald City.  These guys started off here in NZ in 2005 but are now based in Berlin.  As such we were quite fortunate to see the band at the Titirangi Festival of Music. I'll complete this post with a few images from their performance in the Titirangi Theatre.  There's a few more shots of "An Emerald City" here.

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