Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's autumn

The light is definitely changing as we press on through autumn.  We're now getting those lively golden hues in the evenings and can expect some misty mornings.  I came across an article about the Golden Hour you might find of interest.  Problem for me is that during the week I'm always heading off to or returning from work and my mind really isn't on taking a photograph.  Having said this, I did notice some rather nice evening light on a bougainvillea at the bottom of the garden this evening.  What do you think?
Aperture was set at f2.8 as I wanted to get the cotton palm out of focus, but with enough detail to get a hint of the textures in the leaves.  Spot exposure and focus on the bracts with the white flower, which, as it happens, is on the intersection of two golden sections.

I can remember reading about the Golden Section or Golden Mean many years ago when I started using an SLR.  The magazine ... I'm sure it was called "SLR Photographer" ... had a wonderful series on composition.  I was overseas in Jordan at the time and my mother would send me the magazine each month.  I'd devour each article and then try to mimic the techniques described in the magazine.  Colour shots were done on Kodachrome and sent back to the UK for processing.  I never saw the results for about 12 months until I returned from Jordan!  Quite different to now when you can see the result on the rear of the camera as soon as the shutter has fired.  Monochrome was easier and more cost effective, but the processing was pretty hit and miss with the primitive facilities at my disposal.  I might post a few of these old shots ... assuming the negs are still OK of course!

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