Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rise-Up ... Christchurch fund raiser at Mangere.

Stunning piece of work by Montgomery Collins (Monty) produced to raise find for the Christchurch earthquake appeal.  I arrived at the Mangere Arts Centre to see Monty working away with an impressive range of spray cans.  Quite how he manages to produce something as stunning as what you see in this post is beyond me.  Highly talented young gent.  I'll add a couple more shots for you in this post, but encourage you to visit the New Zealand Red Cross to make donations to assist the folks in Christchurch.  I understood the artwork was to be auctioned on Tradme.  If you know the details please add them as a comment.
One of my favourite shots.  Montgomery Collins hard at work.

Bit of a posed shot, but here Monty as I arrived at the Arts Centre.

The finished product, being displayed to the audience at the Rise Up event at the Mangere Arts Centre.

Finished product with the artist.

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