Friday, August 6, 2010

Allegro @ The Langham

I spent an evening with Allegro at a charity event for sufferers of cancer at the Langham Hotel in downtown Auckland.  Pippa Wetzell, famous perhaps for co-hosting Breakfast on TV1 was the MC for the event.  The shot to the left has Pippa with the band members, Malcolm Lakatani, Patrick Tanielu, Saylene Ulberg and Semi Leo.

The band was great and the dance floor was full from the start of the first number.  A big plus for me was the lighting.  Many of the places where I've shot Allegro previously have been rather dark, but not this night.  There was a great variety of colour and the light was quite strong too.  ISO levels were down to 1600 and I could use lenses like the 12-24mm with an f4 aperture and still have a reasonable shutter speed.
I'll close this post with a wide-angle shot of the dance floor and the band to the right.  This was quite a slow exposure (about 1/30 sec) as I was quite happy to get a bit of motion in the dancers.  You can see some of the lights above the band.  You'll also notice the band were in a line which was great for me.  This meant that none of the musicians were in the shadows.  Normally Patrick or Semi are at the back of the band in the shadows ... but not last night.

So there you go, great fun again with Allegro and as you can see by the second shot in this post I wasn't the only one having fun!


  1. So many great comments from alot of my muso friends about the photos you took at Langham !! Well done Mr Stott !!


  2. Great event and I was delighted I was able to attend. Good to hear that folks liked the images.