Sunday, July 25, 2010

The New Bridge!

After feeling pretty rough over the past few days with a chest infection I was delighted to get out into the sunshine today and visit the new motorway bridge over the Manukau Harbour.  This new bridge, very similar to the previous version, has been added to increase the number of traffic lanes crossing the harbour.  The old bridge will cater for all the north bound traffic and the new bridge will look after the southbound traffic.  Apparently, this new bridge has only taken two years to complete, whereas the previous version took eight.  Obviously practice makes perfect.

Lots of people came to walk over the bridge and enjoy the views over the harbour ... even the Prime Minister, John Key, came along with his scissors to cut the ribbon signifying the opening of the bridge.
It's not all finished yet and there's a little bit of landscaping to complete, but the overall impression is very impressive.

I took a wide angle lens, really to get as much of the view as possible, and will complete this post with a few views taken close to the bridge.

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