Thursday, July 1, 2010


A trip to Newmarket this afternoon to visit a health professional on Remuera Road provided an opportunity for some photographs of the new railway station and nearby buildings.  The first shot is a wideangle shot of a train headed for Britomart entering the Newmarket Station.  Single shot HDR processed in Photomatix Pro.  I was quite taken with the flare from the sunlight ... let me know what you think :-)

Near the railway line and specialist's was a very pretty timber church that you can see in the second image.  I must come back and take some more shots of this church as it very picturesque indeed.  I was somewhat annoyed by the woman who entered the picture on the right, but now I think this adds to the shot.  What do you think?

After Newmarket and a visit to the pharmacy we had a quick walk around Auckland's Botanic Gardens. The sun was setting by now and gave a pleasant view through the trees as you can see in the final image in this post.

As always, click on the image to see it enlarged, send me an email if you want more details or to get copies of any of the shots and write me a comment so I know what you think about the photos.
Whoa!  I almost forgot!  Whilst at the Gardens I met these three charming Indian gentlemen.  Sitting close to the rose gardens, chatting away to each other and enjoying the warmth of the setting sun.  My initial idea was to use a long lens and shoot them without them knowing.  However, the gent with the blue turban didn't miss anything and was being observed all the time I tried to find a suitable vantage point.  After taking the photograph I went to see them and show them what I'd done and then took a another shot.  Hopefully I'll meet them again and I can then give them some copies of the photos I've taken to remind them of their trip to the Gardens.

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