Saturday, August 7, 2010

Wet in Godzone :-(

What a day ... perfect for ducks?  The plan was to get a chipper and convert the various branches and twigs that have been left by the arborist into mulch for the various flower beds around the property.  No such luck.  It's been a pretty wet, dismal and miserable day really :-(

We were supposed to collect the chipper at 7.30am, but after checking the weather decided not to bother.  Very grey skies and then a bit of rain, but not a lot at the start of the day.  Before the rain started in earnest I managed to salvage some of the larger pieces of wood for the fire, chopped some logs into smaller more manageable sizes for the fire before I had to come indoors.

After coming indoors I started to feel really cold and just didn't seem to able to warm up.  I suppose it was with getting so wet outside, but whilst wielding my axe I was feeling fine.  Hot cup of tea and rugging up warm didn't seem to work for ages ... I must be getting old!

As you can see from the first image in this post, nobody wanted to play out!  Sandpit, slide and swings are all deserted ... pretty miserable!

Early afternoon we headed to Auckland's North Shore to watch some Rhythnic Gymnastics.  Ribbons don't seems to behave that well on damp days, and a few of the gymnasts had problems.  Nevertheless, good performances by the girls and a pretty good turn out of spectators to say it was such a miserable day.  Traffic both getting to the North Shore and leaving it was appalling!  There's roadworks which, when completed, will supposedly resolve the traffic issues.  I can't say I'm convinced, but am happy to be proved wrong!

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