Tuesday, November 3, 2009


What a wonderful competition. Not sure how well I'll do, but it has been a heap of fun participating. Five different challenges and I suppose I got a bit hung up on the first assignment, SPLAT - liquid in motion. The Canon people really excelled themselves; the assignments are challenging and thought provoking but there's a wealth of information; tips and tricks etc. to help out. Well done Canon. I'm impressed and grateful for the opportunity to participate.

So, come Sunday I was still lacking images to submit ... nothing like leaving things until the last minute (deadline midnight on Sunday).Italic A quick squiz around the garden and some attempts with the bokeh hoods (see top picture). This was great fun and the resultant images are very pleasing. I've put some up on flickr if you'd like to see more. The next attempt was with the "hundreds and thousands" or "sprinkles" as they call them locally. I had no inspiration or imagination for this at all and have been quite impressed with the other submissions.

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