Sunday, November 15, 2009

Heaps of photos!

Whoa, what a busy few days! Trying to help out during the absence of a photographer colleague resulted in a few calls to take a range of photos. Quite a buzz to see your image in the press!

Being used to taking photos for fun is quite different from taking photos to order. The PR people know what they want and the dialogue between photographer, PR person and subject can be quite interesting. I've learnt heaps from the PR person and been delighted with the attitude of the subjects. Very accommodating and willing to help us get the shots we wanted. Interesting to see how people relaxed as the number of shots increased; the smiles became more natural and less forced.

Quite how people managed in the days of film with the types of deadlines to which we worked if difficult to imagine. I took heaps of photos and they were ready to view instantly; no changing of films, processing of film, contact sheets or sample prints. I suspect the techniques used by the "old-school" photographer are as relevant today as they were a few years ago though. Images requiring little to no post processing make meeting deadlines easy.

Great fun, but quite tiring.

More recently I went to a friends to see a baby zebra finch. Gorgeous creature. Quite tiny, but compared to the egg from which its life started rather large. Photos in this entry are of the baby zebra finch.

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