Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bokeh Hoods

Playing with Bokeh Hoods today. I was quite inspired by the simplicity of the hood design provided by Canon in the recent Photo5 competition. Surely it must be easy to make a hood?
I use OmniGraffle on my Mac and set about making up some hood designs. I haven't put any card through the printer yet, just been using coloured paper. The effects are encouraging and I suspect that with card the effect will be fine. Easy to make too! I've saved six different hood designs as a pdf should you wish to try things out yourself.

You'll notice a couple of rings on each hood design. These are 80, 77 and 52 mm in diameter. My lens is 77mm so I cut down to the second ring and then fold over. I then user an elastic band to secure the hood in place. Haver a squiz at the image to the left.

I've been playing with different coloured paper, but think a stiff black paper or thin card would be better. However, for the purpose of showing you how the hood sits on the camera it's probably better than black.

Here's a few images I took using black bokeh hoods. Have a play and let me know how you get on.

Oh, it'd be a good idea to ensure you have a filter on your precious lens prior to playing with the bokeh hoods.


  1. Very impressive. Was there any post-processing involved on the photos in the link or are the resulting images entirely due to the effect of the 'Bokeh Hoods'?

  2. No post processing. The vignetting you see is as a direct result of the use of the hood - quite pleasing I thought. No requirement for Photoshop, just a cheap bit of card!