Monday, October 22, 2012

Weeds in the garden

Forget-me-not ... I can never remember ;-)
Well, not all shots in this post are of weeds, but there are a LOT of weeds in my garden so I suspect it's fair to say the majority of flowers are weeds!  Problem is, if left to their own devices there'll be even more next year and the year after!

After my previous post regarding large apertures I thought I'd have another play with images shot with the lens quite open.  The first shot was actually taken at f4 and at 200mm.  When you're quite close to the subject the depth of field is significantly less than when you shoot something far away.  The problem I wanted to avoid was not getting all of the flowers in focus, hence an increase in aperture to f4.

The second shot was also taken with the 70-200mm zoom, but this time at f2.8.  These particular weeds are under a cherry tree with a wall and apple tree behind.  Using a wide aperture disguises all these other garden features and focusses your eye on the flowers ... well, I suspect just one in particular!

Cineraria come in a variety of colours and I suspect we have each colour in our garden!  The third shot was again taken at f2.8, but this time at 70mm.
Lovely blue cineraria.
Purple cineraria.
More detail on the purple cineraria.
The fourth image in this post was taken at f4, but with a 200mm focal length.  Of shots three and four I think I prefer number three.  Perhaps let me know which you prefer.

Besides all these weeds there are some other flowers in the garden.  Apple blossom and clematis appear on the remaining shots in this post.  The apple blossom was shot at f2.8 at close to 70mm but the clematis was shot at both f8 and f2.8.  Maybe see if you can determine which shots was shot at which aperture?

That's all for now.  I'd better get into the garden as I've heaps of weeding to do!!

Apple blossom, 70mm (ish) at f2.8
Clematis up against the wall.

Clematis ... again!

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