Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Leaves - new ones!!

Liquid amber and looking skywards.
I mentioned earlier that today has been a wonderful day.  Clear blue skies, lovely and warm and a gentle breeze.  Gorgeous.  I just couldn't resist taking a few photos, but it's been hard to get away for other tasks and jobs.  One thing I did want to show you however, were leaves.  Very often I get carried away with the various colours of the flowers and forget about the fresh green of the new leaves.  I often take photos of the leaves when they die and go yellow, red or brown, but nowhere near as many of the fresh green blooms.  What's more, they really look quite lovely against a clear blue sky.
New Robinia leaves.

Even on the same tree you'll see a variety of shades of green as the leaves age.  The second shot illustrates this with some Robinia leaves where you can see the fresh yellowy green of the new leaves in contrast to the deeper greens of the older ones.

There's textures, different shapes and a huge variety of contrasts in leaves - perhaps more that you realise.  Perhaps next time you're out and about take a few moments to look a little more carefully at the leaves as well as the flowers.

The third shot in this post is of some Agapanthus leaves.  I can't say I'm a big fan of these plants, but some members of our household are!  Even so, the leaves are quite lovely.  I was struck by all the lines in the leaves and the range of contrasts between all the leaves.
Agapanthus leaves.

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