Thursday, October 20, 2011


Metrosideros at the Botanic Gardens

Well, my cough and chest infection seem to be improving and breathing is getting easier, but  the drugs make me nauseous.  Just can't win!  Anyway, I thought a bit of fresh air might help me feel better so I went for a gentle stroll to the Botanic Gardens.

Quite a pleasant day here today in Auckland with lovely blue skies.  I took my camera, but wasn't really in the mood for taking pictures, though I did manage a couple that I'll share with you in this post.

First shot was taken close by the visitor's centre and shows the very pretty metrosideros tree in bloom. The metrosideros is often referred to as the New Zealand Christmas tree, so either this particular tree is very early or it's not the NZ Christmas tree!

The next two shots are of a Rosa and something about which I know nothing!  If you do perhaps let me know?

Rosa at the Botanic Gardens

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