Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mowing the grass ...

I've been out in the garden again today ... we've had a bit of rain and the temperatures are lovely and warm which means the grass and the other green stuff in the lawns are growing with enthusiasm.  Anyway, whilst opening gates and moving around the property I came across this cicada shell.  Amazing don't you think?  It fascinates me that there's so little damage is caused to the shell as the creature extricates itself.  There also seem to be little hairs on the shell too.  Quite amazing.

The second photo is of an avocado   on my avocado tree.  Great for guacamole, but they don't half hurt when they bang you on the head as you trundle around with the mower!  Probably seems a bit odd to the folks in the northern hemisphere to think that whilst they're stuck in the snow we're mowing the grass and picking fruit off the trees.

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