Sunday, July 26, 2009

Island Block Road, Waikato

I had a disappointing trip to Hamilton last week for no other reason than the weather was glorious, as was the sunrise, and I didn't have time to stop and enjoy the views. This weekend has been quite lovely weather wise, so a trip down Highway 1 towards Hamilton was in order. We didn't start as early as I wanted, and I nearly turned back as I was convinced there'd be nothing to see. Then the mist started to get more like fog and when we arrived at Oram Road the scene was quite special. There's an HDR shot of the rail crossing on Oram Road here. The sunlight coming through the mist was wonderful. The first image in this post shows the rather strange white rainbow we spotted as we drove down Island Block Road.

I understand Island Block Road will be the home of the New Zealand Wetlands Centre, but it's not clear when this will happen. The area, as you can image, was quite monochromatic and moody. We saw several intersting birds; pheasant, fernbird, goldfinches as well as pukeko and ducks. I'll definitely be going back again as now that Highway 1 has been upgraded it's only 30 minutes to get there!

Just heard the name fogbow. Apparently the image above is of a fogbow! More images on google.


  1. Chris, you're getting some great shots here. Considered composition, nice subjects and with a really great feel to them ... not your average kind of shots! Sandy

  2. Un buen trabajo. Saludos.