Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bugs in fish tank

The aquifer has been cleaned out and fish tank contents replaced with water from the local stream. The streamwater contained a number of bugs - backswimmers (anisops assimilis)and various creature lavae we have yet to identify. We also managed to capture a couple of small fish which we have yet to identify. The whole exercise of looking and learning has been hugely educational and quite relaxing. It's amazing how much activity there is in such small ponds and creeks. Having said this, we've managed to supplement the creature count from various pools of water in our backyard.

Sadly there has been a significant amount of rainfall in our area and we wondered if this might have contributed to the "bare" appearance of the streams in some of ther faster moving stream areas. The shape of the streams has changed, trees have been felled as a result of the streams undercutting their root systems. Very interesting, if you just take the time to look!

Back to the fish tank. this morning it appears that we have successfully hatched our first mosquito!

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