Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Car park view.

Carpark rooftop view, Auckland, New Zealand
I must admit that when matters medical arise I prefer to leave.  Today I was required to visit the hospital for a checkup which didn't exactly fill me with glee.  Thankfully, all is good, so the visit was short and sweet.  Just the way I like it!  Parking on the top floor of the hospital carpark afford some rather pleasant views however, so I thought I'd take a few images to share with you folks.
Looking towards Skytower from Auckland's Hospital
I took a fisheye lens with which I must admit to finding exposures awkward.  As a result I usually bracket the shots, and then ... well ... they usually end up being processed in Photomatix Pro.  That's what's happened here.  I often find the clouds look VERY ominous and black with a very heavy and dark feel to them.  Hopefully they're not too bad in these images.

Looking across to the city from the carpark I can't help thinking some night time shots with all the tower blocks illuminated may be a good idea one day.

No tripod today, but plenty of things on which to rest the camera ;-)


  1. Looks really cool. Surreal. Almost cartoonish. I love this style.

  2. Thank you Neal. I'm quite fond of the wide angle shots and the fisheye lens is great fun to use. Coupled with an HDR treatment can produce some interesting images. Having said that, I'm always wary of going over the top with the processing.