Friday, January 25, 2013

Alan Brown at the Grand Central, Ponsonby

Mr. Alan Brown
It seems like ages since I've updated my blog, but hopefully I'm back now with renewed vigour!

Last night I went down to Ponsonby to see the Alan Brown Quartet play at the Grand Central.  Usually there's Cherie Mathieson on vocals, but last night we were treated to Leza Corban.  Wow, this girl can sing!

The music was superb, but the light levels for taking photographs was somewhat low, and, to cap it all off, they were using red lights!  It's a couple of years ago now at The Ivory Lounge, Parnell that I discovered the unfortunate effect red lights have when you try to photograph people.  Often I find converting the image to monochrome seems to work the best, and, perhaps adds a little to the shot anyway.  The second image in this post is a monochrome treatment of Leza Corban.

Ms. Leza Corban
As for the other members of the band?  Outstanding!  Thanks to Yuli Quay for filling me in with the band member names.  I hope I spelt them all correctly guys ;-)

There's a few more shots on Facebook of Jono Sawyer, Leza Corban and Alan Brown if you fancy taking a squiz.
Jono Sawyer

Junior Turua

Andy Smith

Andy Smith

Jono Sawyer

Alan Brown

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