Saturday, June 2, 2012

Khuja Bar.

That's right video launch at the Khuja Bar ... ready for the guests to arrive

Great fun at the Khuja Bar in Auckland's CBD.  Wonderful atmosphere for the launch of Jason Eli's music video, "That's Right".  I've tried to find a link to the video, but can't find anything ... sorry.  There's a few photos on Facebook of the folks who attended the launch.  Great fun had by one and all.

Whilst waiting for the guests to arrive I had a chance to look around the venue and was quite taken by the VIP Lounge.  The scene just seemed to cry out for a bit of HDR treatment, so that's what you can see below.  I didn't take a tripod, so a door frame acted as a stabiliser for the camera.  I've also attached the five images used to created the HDR shot you see below ... just for fun.  I think the HDR treatment has worked for the better in this instance ... do you?
5 shot HDR image of the VIP Lounge at the Khuja Bar.

What the camera thought was OK (0EV)


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