Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Winter Gardens

Single shot HDR image of one of Auckland's Winter Garden hot houses.  Well worth a visit.
After dropping off my daughter in the city yesterday ... the trains were all cancelled again, total confusion ruled regarding which bus went where and when, so the only option was to use the car to get to the city.  Anyway, I was saying, after dropping off my daughter in the city, I headed to the Winter Gardens.  I've not been here for ages and they really are well worth a visit.  They have some glorious blooms and specialist plants on display, parking is free and the Fern Garden is here too!  Looking at the shot above, the Fern Garden would be just off to the right, opposite the fish pond.
Gorgeous poppies.  These blooms caught my eye due to their colour and size ... but take a look at their seed pods!
Poppy seed pods.  Wonderful shapes, textures and colour.  Just as beautiful as the blooms!
The first plants to catch my eye were the poppies.  Stunning colour and huge blooms.  Composing the shot I couldn't help but notice the seed pods.  The second shot has a more detailed view of these strange creations.  I must admit to being equally entranced with the seed pods as I was with the blooms.

I didn't have as much time as I'd have liked, and I should really have taken a tripod.  Nevertheless it was a worthwhile visit.  I'll close this post with a few more shots that you might enjoy.  Perhaps let me know what you think.
I have no idea what this is ... but it seemed so delicate and pretty!

I loved these colours.  I have Anthurium at home, but not in these colours!

Gorgeous water lilies.

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