Friday, July 22, 2011

Out with the boys ...

The boys ... left to right, Karl Benton, Mista Lakatani, Dylan Elise and Semi Leo
Mangere Bridge at the Wanderers Club with the boys last night for a wicked night of music.  These guys have serious talent playing music from jazz, through rock 'n roll and R 'n B to some of the latest hits.  Lighting wasn't the best as you can see from the image in this post, and I had to use pretty high ISOs to get a shot.
Karl Benton ... keyboard guru.
Stage lighting didn't exist and the background ... well, you can see for yourself!  Plasma TV was switched on and broadcasting something unrelated to the boys performance, the back wall was plastered with menus, food prices and some schedule.  The wood panelling didn't really add much to the ambience of the place, but the sound these guys made and the friendliness of the folks at the Wanderers really made up for any issues I may have had with the lighting.  This was a great place for the musicians and patrons ... just not that hot for me with a camera.

Did we have fun?  You bet!  Just check out Karl in this post's second image.  Everybody was having fun ... not just the folks on stage.

I'll complete this brief post with a few more images of the boys.  Oh, before I forget ... we're working on the idea of using Google+ to let you all join in on the music with a hangout.  I'll keep you posted.  Not sure what the hangouts are?  Take a squiz here.

Mista Lakatani musical genius working his magic on guitar

Dylan Elise ... staggeringly talented drummer.

Semi Leo ... master player of the bass guitar.

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