Monday, January 11, 2010

6am shot ... number three

I had it planned after yesterday morning in the City.  I'd been quite taken with the early morning light and the various lines and angles from the modern buildings that I'd decided my 6am shot today would be    close to where I took my shot of the plant in the concrete.  I knew where I was going ... but I'll say no more as I'll use this location for a future 6am shot!

The weather was not as I'd expected for my 6am shot at all, so the City shot was off.  It was pretty wet this morning so something else was required that didn't involve me getting too damp before work.  I liked the reflections on the road near to home, so my first shot was of house number 6.  I liked the glow from the street lamp, the curve of the road, the reflections on the wet road and the hint of blue on the early morning sky.  I didn't want to use a tripod - it was raining remember and I didn't want to be out any longer than absolutely necessary!  ISO 1600 let me shoot at f3.5 and 1/100sec.  It's a bit noisy in the sky, but I wasn't bothered about that.  Adds to the atmosphere ;-)

The second shot was taken from almost the same place as the first, but this time looking up the street.  Again, I was quite taken by the reflections on the wet road and pavement and the colours that aren't quite right first thing in the morning.

Shots taken it was back indoors, breakfast, bags packed and off to work.  On return from work this evening I noticed that I'd had the camera set to auto-bracketing which has resulted in some of my images coming uot a tad darker or lighter than they should.  Also the weather has improved since this morning ... it's now gloriously warm and sunny with a gentle breeze.  This just makes me think a 6pm shot may be easier to achieve both from being awake and favourable weather perspectives!

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