Saturday, May 30, 2009

Henderson's Model X

Up Auckland's Northwestern motorway, off at Lincoln Road and down to Henderson's Sports and Aquatic Centre for the 2009 Model X Expo. Lots of cool toys for children and, judging by the visitors, age is no barrier to the enjoyment of Lego, model railways, slot cars, doll's houses, ships, helicopters- well you name it it's there!

One of my favourites was the Meccano stand where the exhibitors have created some wonderful things. Clocks, trucks, planes or cars. Of the cars, I think the Morgan three wheeler was my favourite. After the First World War my grandfather had one of these! I'm not sure how safe it was, but it certainly looks good fun!

Lots of model railways on display. Some of the modern layouts are very lifelike with sound and smoke. Some of the old tin plate layouts require a bit more imagination. In many ways I think I liked these more! I'd heard of Hornby, but not Lionel! There was a Lionel layout there and it was wonderful! There's a photo of a Lionel train cornering hard under a cute operating signal alongside. Quite a good trip all told ... especially as the weather is rather wet and miserable just now.

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